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1 How would you rate your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the following?
  Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Extremely Satisfied
Quality of Xocolatl Products
Variety of Xocolatl Products
Location of Xocolatl Boutique
Designs of Xocolatl Product
Price of Xocolatl Product
Designs of Xocolat Boutique
Friendliness of Xocolatl Team
2 What chocolate flavors you favor?
With Nuts / Biscuits / Dates / Fruits
With Creamy Filling
Other, please specify
3 Which Xocolatl Product did you recently purchase or will you purchase?
Xocolatl Wedding Centerpieces / Arrangements / Giveaways
New Baby Born Arrangements / Giveaways
Special Occasions
No Occasions, I buy Xocolatl to pamper myself
Other, please specify
4 Did you or will you purchase other chocolate from other chocolate stores for the same occasions?
5 What is your first priority when you buy Xocolatl Products:
Price Quality Design Taste
6 How can Xocolatl serve you better? By providing:
Different Boxes Smaller Arrangements More Designs More Variety More Flavors
7 Where would you like Xocolatl to open our next branch?
Abu Dhabi Al Ain RAK Fujairah Ajman Sharjah
Dubai Jumeirah Dubai Barsha Dubai Marina/JBR Dubai Downtown Dubai Mirdif
Other, please specify
8 Overall, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your experience with Xocolatl?
Satisfied Dissatisfied
9 Please Tell us Briefly:
What do you most like about Xocolatl?

What Do you most dislike about Xocolatl?

What is Special about Xocolatl?

10 Would you recommend Xocolatl to others?
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11 Would you like to tell us anything about Xocolatl or your experience with us or simply to add any comments?